Jul 19

Trackur A Wonderful Tool for Online Reputation Monitoring

Do It Yourself and How It Fails

Monitoring an online reputation can be quite intensive. It takes time, patience, and a knowledge of how to do it yourself. Most people who try to monitor their own reputations do not do a great job, frankly, because all they know how to do is search for themselves on Google or some other search engine. While this is certainly an important part of monitoring your online reputation, it is far from a comprehensive online reputation monitoring campaign. Monitoring social networking chatter from Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and Google+, searching news and blog aggregators, and seeing if any forums have chatter about you. Doing a comprehensive search like this, depending on how much chatter there is about you, how common your name is, etc, could take anywhere from a couple hours to days at a time.

The Options

There are tools, though, that can help to make the process easier. Online reputation monitoring tools are a dime-a-dozen, but few of them really do the job the way it should be done, and many of them miss various aspects of a good monitoring campaign. Trackur is one tool that does the job right. Trackur is a tool developed by Andy Beal, one of the most respected names in online marketing. He is an international renown consultant, author, and speaker on topics related to online marketing, including online reputation monitoring. His website, Marketing Pilgrim, is a treasure trove of information about online reputation monitoring and management, as is his book Radically Transparent. So Andy Beal’s Trackur has some gravitas before you even take a look at it’s layout, pricing, and functionality.

How Is It Different?

Trackur is not like other online reputation monitoring tools, it does a comprehensive study of the Internet to find out what, if anything, is being said about you, your company, your brand, or various keywords. It does not just monitor news, either, but videos, images, and social media. Trackur is extremely user friendly–it can be set up in as little as five minutes. Users of Trackur can get emailed any updates that the program has, so you have the ability to be notified immediately of anything the program finds and you can tackle the issue before it becomes any real problem. Anyone who knows anything about online reputation monitoring and management knows that acting quickly is of paramount importance.


At first, Trackur’s base cost was $88. However, it is now available for only $18 per user per month, a cost that is unmatched in the online reputation monitoring tool industry. You will not find an effective online monitoring service, program, or tool that is any cheaper than that. Trackur has proven to be extremely popular with users looking for alternatives to monitoring their own online reputations. Over 35,000 people have used Trackur thus far. Part of the reason is the low pricing, as well as the virtually real time results–you will often find results in the Trackur queue that are less than thirty minutes old.

The article where Beal announced his new tool, Trackur, and answered some basic questions about it. Notice this has a higher price $88, for the standard services–it has since been dramatically lowered.

A Mashable article on Trackur’s price coming down.

If you’re interested in actually getting Trackur–the site for the tool itself.



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